Our story

Lucky Socks

In Lucky Socks we don’t design the same sock twice and we don’t do it because we want you to believe in luck by wearing a pair of different socks. We have been wearing them like this for years and it hasn’t turn out bad at all. Now it’s your turn.

Lucky Socks is born as an idea from my partner and me on September 2017. Later my brother arrives from Barcelona to take charge of the design of each one of the socks.

If one thing was for sure is that we would take care of the design as much as the quality of the manufacturing, so we took months and months to choose patterns, designs, motives, etc. because for every pair we make not ONE but TWO different designs which are complementary to each other.

The production takes place in a small family business that uses the best combed cotton. Our wish is that our designs bring luck to everyone since we believe that making socks we can help change the world.


The team

Creator of Lucky Socks. Multidisciplinary Panda Bear, cat and photography lover.

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